Monday, August 30, 2010

In No Particular Order V

Here it is, this year's crop of student blogs. Click on any and all that catch your attention to find out what's on the minds of the "average" Political Science student for Fall 2010. Feel free to comment. Students should be posting once a week until the end of the term in December, so there shall be plenty to comment on in the coming weeks.

Writing for the Major
Kristi's Blog
All She Ever Wanted Was Everything
Casual Concepts
Row's Verse
Chaotic Painter
Jolille408's Blog
Truth Versus Delusion
Katie can Dance
The Peace Lover
Writing for Wood
Another David Nguyen Blog
College Rants
Journal of a Californian Student
The Afrontista's Guide
Things I wanna Say
The Orange Appeal
Hard Core Laker

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