Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Naturally Random

Americans are a gullible lot.

"Now 100% Natural" is the 7-Up advertisement. Their claim is that they've removed all 'artificial' ingredients and now the beverage contains only 'all natural' ingredients. The industry based newsgroup tells us that "only five simple, natural ingredients remain: filtered carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, natural citric acid, natural flavors, and natural potassium citrate."

I don't think I look that gullible. At least, not gullible enough to buy that high fructose corn syrup is a naturally occuring substance.

The problem is that most Americans do not question what they hear. 'Natural' is good; 'Artificial' is bad. No one questions why this might be, or if this is even a truism. Give me a handful of bitter almonds and cup of water, and I can make a very 'natural' drink for you. Only if you have a death-wise should you drink this: bitter almonds and water are the basis of cyanide. In this case, 'natural' is very bad indeed.

This is only one small example of what is wrong with American society; if we start buying the argument that high fructose corn syrup is 'all natural', then what's to stop political, religious and business leaders from trying to convince us that their lies are the truth?

Bush told us that Saddam Hussein was helping Al Qaeda. Now he tells us that his administration never made that connection. If that were true, then the 32% of Americans who still believe that the Iraq war is necessary to end terrorism got the idea from their imaginations.

Pope Benedict told us that he's sorry that his use of a quote which painted Islam as a violent faith offended the world's muslims and that he didn't mean to do so, but his spin-doctor tells us "While Benedict's comments on Islam and holy war may not have been 'politically correct, today much of our dialogue is fruitless because we feel constrained from saying what we really think.' "

The oil industry would have us believe that their profits are actually lower than the profits in five other industries, and the increase of the price of gas from 20 years ago is much less than the rising cost of tuition. Yet, Exxon Mobile last year made $9.9 Billion in three months. That's just one company.

Believe what you want, but think carefully before buying what these folks are selling. Else they may hand you a glass of 'All Natural Bitter Almond Juice'....


nonny mouse said...

An in the category of Our Government convincing us black is white, up is down, slavery is freedom, comes Democrats are Republicans:

'Martin Luther King, Jr., was a Republican. That's the startling claim made in a new radio ad being aired in Maryland by a new group called the National Black Republican Association in its latest attempt to attract African Americans to the GOP. The ad features a dialogue between two women who are apparently African American. Among other things, they tell each other that Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan and that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican — a curious assertion immediately dismissed by King experts. Quotes from the ad and more after the jump.

To read more on this (and hear the ad: http://www.tpmcafe.com/blog/electioncentral/2006/sep/21/md_sen_republican_group_ad_claims_dr_king_a_republican

Anonymous said...

The term "natural" when used with food was recently and legally redefined by Congress to mean anything which comes from the earth. The problem with American society isn't the amount of bullshit in the world but our laziness. People choose to be uninformed or make decisions on with out taking the time to gee, read, think, question..to add to the situation Americans don't participate...everyone was amazed when a woman was awarded millions for spilling hot coffee on her lap claiming she did't know it was hot!

No one stepped up to challenge or change the system...no one challenges the corporate filtering of the media...no one challenges the Bush Administrations, abuse of power, blatant disregard and violation of the law...or hell even the repeated lies.

Take away Americans T.V. sets and you'll see a revolution...until then Americans are fat and happy and can't truly be bothered.